Hi! My name is Aredvi. I am a sex and relationship educator and certified coach. When I was 13, I accidentally found a self-help magazine at school. I became fascinated with human potential and never stopped wondering about personal growth.

I've spent the past decade learning about how brain works, where feelings live, what good sex looks like, and why our childhood matters so much.

By the way, when you want to say my name, think of a red V, and say "AH-RED-V." Easy! 

I am a fan of learning new things. And I like to make learning easy; learning new habits, new skills, and new ways of building fulfilling sexual, platonic, and romantic relationships.


Think of me as a travel buddy on an exciting journey. One in which you get to find and discard destructive patterns, and replace them with new patterns that actually work for you.

As you journey along, there is a good chance you will find healing along the way, you may even find deep intimacy, or lots of inner peace & liberation. It's a treasure hunt!

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